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Only in Japan

8 June, 2008 (08:59) | Life | By: Olivier

…can you have lunch at a “dog cafe”, were the owners have a small sandwich while their dogs feast on designer cookies while waiting for their beauty session at the dog grooming shop. I even saw an impeccably dressed guy spoon feed his (pictured below) chihuahua. Then he let the dog lick him on his […]

Weird in Japan – part 3

1 October, 2007 (21:35) | Life | By: Olivier

Some Japanese like dogs… …and some don’t.

Weird in Japan – part 2

24 September, 2007 (03:22) | Games, Life | By: Olivier

Between TGS last week and my deambulations in “electric town” Akihabara, I’ve had ample opportunity to check out local DS titles that will probably never leave the island. Among other things, I saw: a yoga instructor, a beetle card fighting game, a skin beauty advisor, a bunch of translators, a face trainer, a mouse driven […]

Weird in Japan – part 1

19 September, 2007 (10:44) | Life | By: Olivier

A very perplexing message seen at Taito Station, an arcade in Akihabara. Believe it or not, there is a sensible explanation for that sign!