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Taktshang Goemba: the tiger’s nest.

27 March, 2011 (06:21) | Life | By: Olivier

Taktshang Goemba, Bhutan’s most famous monastery. Allegedly the place where guru Rinpoche landed on the back of a flying tigress to introduce the kingdom to Vajrayana Buddhism. Four hours hiking up the mountain. Totally worth it!

The land of the thunder dragon.

26 March, 2011 (04:58) | Life | By: Olivier

After a difficult year, I managed to squeeze in some much needed vacation and headed out for the remote kingdom of Bhutan, in the Himalayas. For years I had wanted to visit this tiny country¬† (only 660k people), having heard of their concept of Gross National Happiness and seeing so many beautiful pictures and movies […]

Boro art.

22 April, 2010 (12:57) | Life | By: Olivier

The great volcano Eyjafjallajokull having seen fit to grant me an extra week in Japan, I was able to treat myself to the Boro exposition at the Amuse Museum in Tokyo. I am quite fond of Mingei in general but Boro is particularly close to my heart. Over the past couple of years, to the […]

Hatsune Miku.

21 April, 2010 (08:43) | Games, Life, People | By: Olivier

Here’s a story: a big corporation wanted to write software that could replicate a singing human voice. To do so, it needed samples from real singers. Fearing they would be rendered obsolete if the software could clone their voice too well, the singers refused. Thus, the corporation had to develop the software using samples from […]

Sakura pink.

18 April, 2010 (03:40) | Hedonism, Life | By: Olivier

Like my love, the sakura blossom dies too soon.


12 December, 2009 (09:17) | Life | By: Olivier

Last month I spent an extended weekend on the tiny island of Naoshima, in the Seto inland sea. Naoshima became a well known cultural spot in Japan after the Benesse corporation (owner of the Berlitz language schools) had Tadao Ando design and build two museums for contemporary art. I usually dislike museums because they feel […]

Mononoke Hime’s forest.

30 May, 2009 (08:34) | Life | By: Olivier

A weekend trip to Yakushima island, home of Mononoke Hime’s forest.

Kyoto’s red and gold kimono.

20 November, 2008 (19:44) | Hedonism, Life | By: Olivier

Spent a few days in Kyoto. Had never seen it in autumn. Felt like sharing the beauty.

Zanzibar beaches.

31 August, 2008 (08:05) | Hedonism, Life | By: Olivier

I’ve spent the last week eating, reading, swimming and sleeping on Zanzibar’s most beautiful beaches. Pongwe, Matemwe and the magical Mnemba island for a spectacular finale with Suni antelopes, chocolate and pepper cookies and a crazy night dive. This is probably as good as it gets…

Chumbe island

24 August, 2008 (08:28) | Life | By: Olivier

Chumbe – a tiny corallian island on the west coast of Zanzibar – is an ecological reserve and a fascinating experiment in sustainable living. With the blessing of the government, a non-profit organization runs it in a way that strives to have the smallest possible impact on the surrounding nature. Researchers from around the world […]