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I see lemurs everywhere!

18 May, 2008 (09:35) | Life | By: Olivier

The past few days have been all about the Lemurs. I went across the private reserve of the Vakôna lodge and Ankanin’ny Nofy – the dream nest – a small island made into a beautiful reserve. So I’ve made lots of new friends: Propithecus diadema (Diademed Sifaka), Varecia Variegata (the Vari), Propithecus verreauxi coquereli, Eulemur […]

The lemurs say hi!

9 May, 2008 (23:57) | Life | By: Olivier

Before reaching Tuléar, I spent a couple of days in the national park of Isalo where I saw my first lemurs. I was lucky to catch a glimpse of two of the three diurnal species that live in the area: the lemur catta – national emblem of the island – and the lemur fulvus rufus. […]