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Drukpa Kunley, the divine madman.

28 March, 2011 (07:51) | Hedonism, People | By: Olivier

A most surprising sight for a foreigner in Bhutan is that you will see penises everywhere. Yes, you read that right. Turgid phalluses proudly painted or sculpted on houses and doors and even flying dicks hanging from the corner of roofs. No joke: it’s even worse than Second Life! This is, in fact, to ward […]

Sakura pink.

18 April, 2010 (03:40) | Hedonism, Life | By: Olivier

Like my love, the sakura blossom dies too soon.

Best pre-GDC day evah!

9 March, 2010 (08:33) | Hedonism, Life | By: Olivier

Started the day by going surfing with Jason and Mike, ended it sharing Intrige (one of my favorite board games). This has got to be the best GDC kickoff ever! ^-^

Kyoto’s red and gold kimono.

20 November, 2008 (19:44) | Hedonism, Life | By: Olivier

Spent a few days in Kyoto. Had never seen it in autumn. Felt like sharing the beauty.

Zanzibar beaches.

31 August, 2008 (08:05) | Hedonism, Life | By: Olivier

I’ve spent the last week eating, reading, swimming and sleeping on Zanzibar’s most beautiful beaches. Pongwe, Matemwe and the magical Mnemba island for a spectacular finale with Suni antelopes, chocolate and pepper cookies and a crazy night dive. This is probably as good as it gets…

Money != Happiness

3 February, 2008 (14:15) | Games, Hedonism, People | By: Olivier

Apparently, the good Dr Kawashima – who inspired the Brain Age games that sold over 17 million copies worldwide – does not want a single yen from the 22 million dollars in royalties he is due: “Everyone in my family is mad at me but I tell them that if they want money, go out […]

Garrett Lisi: “that surfer dude”.

20 November, 2007 (23:51) | Hedonism, People | By: Olivier

Garrett Lisi simply rocks. He might very well turn out to be the guy who cracked the Theory of Everything with his – tongue in cheek – Exceptionally Simple Theory. But whether he’s right or not, the simple fact that he managed to have a shot at this after having spent the last 10 years […]