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Global Game Jam 2010

31 January, 2010 (19:28) | Games, Life | By: Olivier

This past weekend, we once again did the Global Game Jam and I ran the Paris event with the help of my friends from the ISART video game school. In just a year, the GGJ has grown massively with 4349 jammers in 39 countries and 138 sites producing 927 games! We pulled our own weight [...]

Project Horseshoe 2009

12 November, 2009 (01:28) | Games, Life | By: Olivier

Project Horseshoe 2009

Essen 2009

27 October, 2009 (11:15) | Games, Life | By: Olivier

Essen 2009 summary

Présentation au Club Galilée

25 September, 2009 (04:31) | French, Games, Life | By: Olivier

Le 27 juillet dernier j’ai reçu une invitation très formelle du Club Galilée pour le 21 septembre qui disait :
“Créé en 2006, le Club Galilée est un « Think Tank » européen regroupant plus de 300 professionnels de toutes générations et de tous médias, publics et privés, ainsi que des télécoms, qui propose une nouvelle approche indépendante [...]


16 July, 2009 (07:57) | Games, Life | By: Olivier

Soul Bubbles has been released in Japan under the name “Awatama”.

Eric Viennot : l’interview mirroir.

30 June, 2009 (07:54) | French, Games, People | By: Olivier

Eric Viennot répond a ses propres questions dans un interview mirroir autour de la création et des jeux.

Service Public sur les Jeux Video

8 April, 2009 (09:46) | French, Games, Life | By: Olivier

La semaine dernière, Frédéric Weil, Cyril Sauvageot et moi-même étions invités pour parler de jeux vidéo sur “Service Public”, l’émission d’Isabelle Giordano sur France Inter. Et même si – comme d’habitude – nous nous sommes fait bousculer par quelques auditeurs anti JV, j’ai tout de même l’impression que l’opinion publique est en train de s’inverser [...]

icon for podpress  Isabelle Giordano - Service Public [57:01m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

GDC 09: Keita Takahashi

31 March, 2009 (09:48) | Games, Life | By: Olivier

I went to see Keita’s talk and had two surprises. First, his hair has grown a lot since we last met in Paris – he now has them very long – which was a painful reminder of how fast time passes.

But what surprised me most was the deep melancholy in his speech. It was by [...]

GDC 09: Applied RMT Design

26 March, 2009 (12:19) | Games, Life | By: Olivier

In this GDC 2009 session, Erik Bethke of GoPets fame and Andrew Schneider of Live Gamer – a company that provides a Real Money Trading platform to MMOs – walked us through sound Real Money Trading design for online games.

GDC 09: Meaningful Social Reality Games

24 March, 2009 (23:28) | Games, Life | By: Olivier

My first session this year was by Austin Hill, founder and CEO of Akoha a game that has captivated my interest since I first heard of it last September because its high concept has a lot in common with a project I have been sporadically working on for the past two years.
Austin started his presentation [...]