Spinning the prayer wheel.

5 April, 2011 (06:04) | Life | By: Olivier

Visited Wangduephodrang Dzong, near Timphu, where I saw antique prayer wheels from back when they were still made of leather and paper. Sadly it will soon be time to leave Bhutan. Of course, despite the heavy emphasis on Gross National Happiness, the country has some very real problems and it would be naive to ignore them. However, it is also obvious from its people and social atmosphere that Bhutan is not a sick society. I have never felt this anywhere else before and it leaves me highly impressed and slightly envious.


Spinning the prayer wheel, let it be that I find my way back to this place. Let Bhutan trace its path to modernity while resisting the corruption of greed. Let it stay the pleasant and optimistic land I traveled. Farewell, Thunder Dragon and keep up whatever it is you are doing because, clearly, it’s working.

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