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Spinning the prayer wheel.

5 April, 2011 (06:04) | Life | By: Olivier

Visited Wangduephodrang Dzong, near Timphu, where I saw antique prayer wheels from back when they were still made of leather and paper. Sadly it will soon be time to leave Bhutan. Of course, despite the heavy emphasis on Gross National Happiness, the country has some very real problems and it would be naive to ignore […]

Trucks and dogs.

2 April, 2011 (17:03) | Life | By: Olivier

Two things Bhutan has in abundance: colorful trucks …and dogs! The worst nuisance is not necessarily the one you would expect… As the saying goes: “The dogs of Bhutan sleep all day and bark all night”!

At Wangdicholing palace.

1 April, 2011 (07:03) | Life | By: Olivier

In Bhumtang we were lucky to stay directly on the grounds of Wangdcholing palace, previously home of the royal family and now handed over to the monks. In the afternoon, we drank safflower tea and practiced traditional archery with the locals in the palace’s backyard. In the evening, we either sat near a bonefire to […]