Drukpa Kunley, the divine madman.

28 March, 2011 (07:51) | Hedonism, People | By: Olivier

A most surprising sight for a foreigner in Bhutan is that you will see penises everywhere.
Yes, you read that right. Turgid phalluses proudly painted or sculpted on houses and doors and even flying dicks hanging from the corner of roofs. No joke: it’s even worse than Second Life!

Penis on a wall Another penis

Penis on top of a door

This is, in fact, to ward off evil spirits and honor the Bhutanese’s favorite saint: Drukpa Kunley, the divine madmen – an irreverent figure, constantly ridiculing the establishment and corrupt priests in particular. Philosophically, he is an extravagant cross between Aristippus and Diogenes with a dash of Nassredin Hodja.

Drukpa Kunley

It is indeed easy to grow fond of the whimsical character after having heard of his many exploits, usually involving lots of drinking and use of his “flaming thunderbolt of wisdom” to subdue demons or enlighten women.

In the words of the “saint of 5000 women” himself:

“I am happy that I am a free yogi
So I grow more and more into my inner happiness
I can have sex with many women,
Because I help them to go the path of enlightenment.

Outwardly, I am a fool
And inwardly I live with a clear spiritual system.
Outwardly, I enjoy wine, women and song
And inwardly I work for the benefit of all human beings.

Outwardly, I live for my pleasure
And inwardly I do everything in the right moment.
Outwardly, I am a ragged beggar
And inwardly a blissful Buddha.”

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