GDC 11: impressions.

28 February, 2011 (21:22) | Games, Life | By: Olivier


- Iwata-san gave a depressingly sad Keynote. Sad in the sense that I admire many things about Nintendo but can’t help feeling they are in complete denial. My friend Dustin Clingman may disagree but I’m afraid Nicholas Lovell nailed it exactly right.

- Hazard didn’t win the IGF Nuovo award. But *it should have*.

- Frank Lantz gave a really good talk entitled “Life and Death and Middle Pair: Go, Poker and the Sublime”. It is a clear articulation of where the peculiar beauty of these games resides. Don’t miss it if you have access to GDC Vault.

- On the other hand, Brian Moriarty’s talk – though brilliantly delivered, as always – was nothing more at its core than an appeal to authority. He was basically arguing that his definition of art is the valid one and everything else is kitsch. Isn’t it funny how these conversations about art always end the same way?

- Consoles are nowhere, metrics are everywhere! It was impressive to see how many talks were dedicated to metrics and how few about console development compared to previous years. This phenomenon is well illustrated by Jesper Juul’s twitter tag cloud analysis. Also, it was interesting to hear that the most metrics oriented developers are now using the gambling industry’s term for “high wield clients”: whales. They obsess about attracting and retaining them.

- Many indies claimed they would join our GDC surfing session, but in the end they all chickened out and it was just Mike, Jason and myself again! :)

- Last but not least, we had a couple of successful tests of our upcoming game in the Yerba Buena Gardens…

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