Global Game Jam 2011.

31 January, 2011 (19:20) | Games, Life | By: Olivier

One hell of a weekend

Global Game Jam 2011 was the biggest so far with 169 sites in 44 countries or 6580 jammers making 1481 games in total.

This year’s theme was “Extinction”. We were 70 in Paris (hitting our site’s security limit). See all the pictures here. After 48 feverish hours, we ended up with 14 games – doubling last year’s number!

- Appetite for Extinction
- Colors War
- Dark Naze
- Decline
- Don’t Win!
- Extinction des feux
- Follow the White Light
- Game Extinction
- Light Cylinders
- Light Extinction
- Master Beer
- Tweet Uranus
- VR Escape

The Paris event was also well covered by the media:, Nolife, Canard PC, Gameblog,,, Canal+, Le journal des jeux vidéo, 3DVF, AFJV, 20 Minutes, Console + and PC Jeux.

Thanks to all who participated and see you all next year for GGJ 2012!


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