Essen 2010.

31 October, 2010 (16:57) | Games, Life | By: Olivier

Essen this year was huge!

Essen 2010

Of course it is supposed to be the world’s biggest board game fair, but in all my years going there I’ve simply never seen that many people. Games seem to clearly increase in popularity. This was also noticeable from the publishing side as there seems to be more games available every year. The production values have also considerably increased these past two years: many games are now beautifully illustrated and some even have exquisitely carved figurines – such as Funforge’s Isla Dorada. It’s becoming harder for amateurish looking games to come out.

I got to play Richard “Magic: the gathering” Garfield’s upcoming game King of Tokyo. Although I loved the concept and the illustrations, I found the game itself a bit unsatisfying. Not that it’s bad – it’s a clever mix of card drafting, king of the hill and push your luck mechanics – but, for me, it didn’t really translate the awesomeness of huge creatures battling over Tokyo.

So this year’s Essen left me with a fear of the “looks over game-design” syndrome. Maybe the board games industry is taking a (bad) hint from the video games industry? Let’s hope not!

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