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31 January, 2010 (19:28) | Games, Life | By: Olivier

The Global Game Jam Paris 2010

This past weekend, we once again did the Global Game Jam and I ran the Paris event with the help of my friends from the ISART video game school. In just a year, the GGJ has grown massively with 4349 jammers in 39 countries and 138 sites producing 927 games! We pulled our own weight in Paris, going from 11 participants last year to 40 this year who produced 7 games.

The global constraint was “Deception” to which I added “Seduction” for Paris as – in France – one never goes without the other! ;)

On top of this global constraint there was a time zone constraint. For GMT+1 it was: “Each game has to contain at least one of these items: a Key, a Monkey, or a Donkey.” All of which led to much perplexity from the jammers as evidenced by this sketch:

Key, Monkey, Donkey

But in the end, after lots of pizza munching and coffe guzzling and not so much sleep, we got a batch of hilarious games involving princesses, donkey and monkeys (of course):

Princess Kun Kun Pecho Pecho

A horny tiny prince in his tighty whities (don’t ask why…) wants to kiss all the princesses.But he must do so in the back of the other jealous princesses or they will turn into furious little donkeys and trample him!


You are a “space peasant” hidden among space princes trying to seduce the Monkey Princess. But you don’t know the right choreography for the love dance and need to guess it from watching the other princes dance. Watch for their mistakes and be the last space monkey standing!

Parisian Moon Sheep

Up to four players race to the top of a stylized Paris to conquer the love of their She-sheep (moutonesse in french).

Give Me Your Skin

A Ninja Princess seduces an army of ninja creatures (including monkey & donkeys of course) and steals their skin to make her way up to her prince’s throne room.

ShiFuNanny’s Sausage

An old hag trying to take her donkey to the slaughterhouse. The donkey trying to reverse the situation. Use a sort of reflex ShiFuMi to decide the outcome…

Meet Me at the Banana Disco

How to pick-up in a noisy environment. Get as many phone numbers as you can… and find out who exactly you’ve hit on! A great demonstration of how to create very diverse moods with little effort (but a lot of creativity).

Kawaii Maximum Overkill

You’re the Devil. You hate the cute, fluffy, Kawaiis. Disguise yourself as one of their own to better seduce them and bring them in your deadly trap.

As expected this year’s GGJ was full of pressure, full of laughter and full of fun – as is clear from the event’s pictures… Games were made, friendships were tied and I can’t wait to do it all over again!



Comment from Olivier
Time February 4, 2010 at 3:00 pm

I’ll also post French online coverage here as it pops up:
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and Jammers blogs:

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