Only in Japan

8 June, 2008 (08:59) | Life | By: Olivier

…can you have lunch at a “dog cafe”, were the owners have a small sandwich while their dogs feast on designer cookies while waiting for their beauty session at the dog grooming shop. I even saw an impeccably dressed guy spoon feed his (pictured below) chihuahua. Then he let the dog lick him on his open mouth. Then, before leaving, he placed it inside a huge Louis Vuitton bag apparently custom designed for this kind of usage.
I swear, it’s all true.



Only in Japan can you go to the Village Vanguard in Shimokitazawa and buy a whole picture book on sea slugs (umiushi as they are called here). And it’s a beautiful book, too!

Only in Japan can you have sushi like you’ll have at Kyubei.

Only in Japan do you see girls like those at the Harajuku bridge.



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