Garrett Lisi: “that surfer dude”.

20 November, 2007 (23:51) | Hedonism, People | By: Olivier

Garrett Lisi simply rocks. He might very well turn out to be the guy who cracked the Theory of Everything with his – tongue in cheek – Exceptionally Simple Theory. But whether he’s right or not, the simple fact that he managed to have a shot at this after having spent the last 10 years surfing around is nothing short of amazing. Not everyone has been zombified by teevee after all!

As if that wasn’t cool enough, the slashdot reading, self-declared “contemplative hedonist”, says stuff like:

“I want intense pleasures from life. This means not spending too much time in a lab but finding balance between thinking and having fun”.

(loosely translated back to english from an interview in Le Monde)


“The best thing there is to do on this planet is surf. There’s just nothing else that even comes close to generating the feeling you experience as you paddle like crazy to catch a wave, drop down the face, crank a hard bottom turn in the pit, and pull into the barrel as the lip throws out over your head. The desire for those perfect waves wreaks holy hell with the rest of your life. It makes you spend all your dough on plane tickets to crazy places just so you can risk your butt paddling over jagged reef and camping out on lonely beaches.”

All that and he doesn’t believe in string theory. And he hangs out at Burning Man. And he still finds time to teach. So yeah, I’m a total fanboi but seriously: how much cooler can you be and what more do you need to revive your faith in humanity? Now if only kids would pick him up as a role model instead of the usual cretinous MTV celebs…

Live long, Garrett Lisi and keep catching those waves!

EDIT: another nice interview he gave, complete with a Douglas Adams reference and a picture of E8.


Comment from Florent
Time November 24, 2007 at 9:44 pm

Would you know him if he was not surfing? From my point of view, he looks closer to an MTV celebs than most of the physicists and will probably the next one on teevee if he is epsilon right.

Balance is the keyword.

And I think he is right, on his theory of everything xor his practice of life.

Comment from Olivier
Time November 27, 2007 at 2:55 pm

Yes, I think I would know him. What was chiefly reported, on slashdot and elsewhere was his TOE. Way before the amusing fact that he’s a surfer.

For example, I also think Grigori Perelman is cool although he’s probably as removed as one can be from being a surfer. Heck, I even think Stallman is cool!

My bet is that even if Garrett Lisi is right, he’ll nevertheless show up epsilon the time of Paris Hilton on TV.
Sad but very probably true and Google says I’m right. Still wanna bet? ;)

Comment from Florent
Time December 6, 2007 at 2:27 am

I think we disagree on words, like “physicist” for Paris Hilton. But I am ready to take the bet using Google style search, thanks to time.

I did it for you:

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