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Garrett Lisi: “that surfer dude”.

20 November, 2007 (23:51) | Hedonism, People | By: Olivier

Garrett Lisi simply rocks. He might very well turn out to be the guy who cracked the Theory of Everything with his – tongue in cheek – Exceptionally Simple Theory. But whether he’s right or not, the simple fact that he managed to have a shot at this after having spent the last 10 years […]

Horseshoe 07 closing thoughts

5 November, 2007 (22:24) | Games, Life | By: Olivier

Although it was quite tiring, I’m really glad I attended Project Horseshoe. Brian Moriarty gave a soulful, very personal speech that hit me hard and would by itself have been worth the trip. But Horseshoe was a lot more than that. Without disclosing any secret, I learned many things, met interesting people and made lots […]

Project Horseshoe Code of Secrecy/Blabbing

4 November, 2007 (03:53) | Games, Life | By: Olivier

“Project Horseshoe is a safe place for the discussion of radical concepts and the combination of efforts by employees of rival companies. The safety of these activities depends upon the Project Horseshoe’s brothers’ and sisters’ having confidence in each other’s discretion when relating in any manner Horseshoe’s content and events outside of the Horseshoe group. […]

Project Horseshoe 2007

2 November, 2007 (00:26) | Games, Life | By: Olivier

Believe it or not (I still don’t) but I actually squeezed myself into Project Horsheshoe this year! I arrived at Canyon of the Eagles early this afternoon and all I can say is the place is unbelievable. My room is a beautiful little cabin facing the lake and right now I’m sitting in the main […]