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Hokusai and Miyazaki.

29 September, 2007 (08:05) | Life | By: Olivier

I only visited two museums during my whole stay in Japan: the Ota Memorial Museum of Art and the Ghibli Museo d’Arte. The first one is a tiny place where you take off your shoes before going in and has a rotating collection of ukiyo-e. By an immense stroke of luck, while I was in […]

Tokyo by night.

28 September, 2007 (09:16) | Life | By: Olivier

Heading home from another amazing dinner at a funky Roppongi restaurant where I had tsukune, tofu and Kobe beef yakitori – the waiters and cooks kept shouting orders back and forth in a very entertaining way – I walked down to Tokyo Tower before catching a cab heading for my hotel back in Shinjuku. Took […]

Back from Kyoto.

28 September, 2007 (01:41) | Life | By: Olivier

Just made it back from Kyoto where I had a wonderful time, to say the least. Yesterday evening, I had dinner at the Wakuden, an ancient traditional restaurant, where I was treated to an unbelievable kaiseki while listening to shamisen and the sweet voice of a Maiko. Among the interesting dishes that were served, alongside […]

Weird in Japan – part 2

24 September, 2007 (03:22) | Games, Life | By: Olivier

Between TGS last week and my deambulations in “electric town” Akihabara, I’ve had ample opportunity to check out local DS titles that will probably never leave the island. Among other things, I saw: a yoga instructor, a beetle card fighting game, a skin beauty advisor, a bunch of translators, a face trainer, a mouse driven […]

TGS 07 roundup.

22 September, 2007 (03:30) | Games, Life | By: Olivier

To say that I was disappointed with the event would be a vast understatement. More and more I feel like video games trade shows are a complete waste of time and energy. After seeing the meretricious lines of gaudy stands displaying almost nothing but stale games – although fabulously well executed in some cases – […]

Weird in Japan – part 1

19 September, 2007 (10:44) | Life | By: Olivier

A very perplexing message seen at Taito Station, an arcade in Akihabara. Believe it or not, there is a sensible explanation for that sign!

Preparing for the Tokyo Game Show.

19 September, 2007 (02:24) | Games, Life | By: Olivier

In Tokyo, getting ready to attend the TGS. I’m mainly here to find a japanese publisher for our upcoming Nintendo DS game. I’m also trying to get a better understanding of the japanese people since my team and I are thinking of making a game that could only work here (at least initially). We’re probably […]